Can’t CrossFit? Rumors and Myths Debunked

CrossFit is relatively new, and with that comes speculation and an obvious learning curve of just how much we can push the human body towards improvement. As with any exercise it has its risks and its rewards. The goal, similar to other types of training, is that you learn to listen to your body, take it to its edge, but no farther. This blog will demystify some of the rumors you may have heard about CrossFit and hopefully encourage you to see what it’s all about for yourself.

#1 – I’m going to pass out, or worse – die. True, CrossFit is known for its intensity. However, before we add intensity a trainer will teach you proper technique and form. Without form, there’s no point in adding speed or volume, that’s how injuries occur. As a beginner, we’ll focus on building a foundation. You’ll learn proper techniques and you’ll learn about consistency. You won’t pass out. You won’t die.

#2 – CrossFit causes injury. Did you know that as we get older, it can be common to become injured doing every day things? For example, torn cartilage in the knee is often a result of someone kneeling down to play with children/grand children! CrossFit exercises resemble every day movements; they strengthen the vulnerable spots of your body that receive the most wear and tear, and help to prevent injury. When people are injured during exercise it’s often a result of ignoring signals from their body. My motto is, if it’s too heavy, don’t lift it.

#3 – CrossFit causes Rhabdo. Rhabdomyolysis is a rare and serious health condition where muscles are so overworked that fibers break down and enter the bloodstream, which can lead to kidney damage or, worse, failure. Can it happen? Yes. Is it likely to happen to you? No and here’s why. We set realistic expectations. So, if you come in thinking you’re going to go really hard and flip tires during your first week, I have bad news for you. Your body needs to first adjust to the volume and intensity of CrossFit so that you can safely progress. In addition, we can recommend dietary solutions such as shakes to help with post workout recovery and omega 3’s to help with inflammation.

#4 – Speaking of nutrition, I heard all CrossFitters go Paleo. Nope. Not true. There’s no “have tos” in CrossFit, or in life. Everything you do is a choice.

#5 – CrossFit is too expensive. How much is your health worth to you? Can you really put a price tag on your health? It might be more expensive than a gym membership (depending on where you are located) but what good is a gym membership if you are not seeing results? Investing in preventative health care is the single most effective way to save money on expensive doctor visits and prescriptions.

We welcome any age, and any level at CrossFit Chippewa. We keep a non- competitive environment and focus on giving you a personalized exercise plan that produces results. Let’s start with a simple conversation and go from there. Contact me with your questions:


By: Jill Plourde





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