Working Out Your Worth

Sometimes I think people assume I became a personal trainer because I think “everyone” should look a certain way, or diet and exercise a certain way. Or maybe, people think I enjoy watching them sweat. The truth of the matter is I became a personal trainer for reasons much deeper.

Backing up, I was always involved in sports. As a home schooled child, my parents made many sacrifices both from a time and financial point of view which allowed me to participate on “club” and YMCA teams, as opposed to free high school teams. I suppose the exposure to their initial dedication taught me, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” As busy parents trying to raise three daughters and run a business, they always carved out time to drive me to practice, and saved money to buy me new soccer cleats because my feet grew longer, faster than my body grew taller. Therefore, during college I managed to find the time to raise my son, as well as carve out the time, energy and dollars to dedicate myself to playing soccer, extra workouts and working at Planet Soccer in Eau Claire.

My point here is I’ve been able to become and stay disciplined enough to make my health, and my family’s health a priority. This is something I strongly believe that anyone can do, once they’ve put their mind to it. The sad truth of it is though, not everyone is concerned with health. In fact, it seems most people are “givers.” Givers spend their days giving their time and energy to their loved ones, so much so, that they have little left to give themselves.

I think it’s sad to see people giving away their power to be a healthy and equally important part of their own lives. Ultimately, when people come to me they’ve given so much time and energy to other things that it’s had a strong impact on their overall level of confidence, and level of self worth. This brings me to why I became a personal trainer in the first place. I didn’t become a trainer so I could carve a six pack into the abs of everyone I meet. I became a personal trainer as a way to help people work out and regain their sense of self worth and confidence.

Here’s how it works. We take the undeniable, physical part of ourselves, our bodies. Then, we transform them from the years of neglect into healthier versions. We set small goals and over time we begin to believe more is possible. From this belief, action to achieve more is born. This in turn creates a sense of empowerment, and slowly we start making all sorts of life altering changes. I’ve seen people lose weight and gain the confidence to start dating. I’ve even seen people shed a few pounds and it’s given them the confidence to pursue a new career. I’ve seen people leave unhealthy and unhappy relationships because they finally start to honor, value and respect themselves.

So for me, being a personal trainer is about more than weight loss. It’s a way for me to help others become active participants in the game of life. If you’re ready to start making your health a priority, contact me.


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