Eating for Energy

The tragic truth is that most people treat their automobiles better than their own bodies. … No automobile owner would pour Coke into the gas tank or stuff a fatty steak into the carburetor, or dump a banana split into their radiator…They will put only the highest-quality fuel in their card, routinely change the oil, and take their car in for tune-ups, like clockwork. Yet these same owners drive …up to the drive-in windows of fast-food restaurants and wreak havoc on their physical machine!” – Baron Baptiste

We often forget that food is the fuel for our bodies. We go unconscious to the powerful effect that food has on our bodies. Here are quick tips on how to fuel your body for maximum performance and energy.

Go complex, not simple:
Carbs are your best source for quick energy, but go with complex carbs like fruits, veggies and whole grains.

Add protein:
For a steadier burn throughout the day, toss in a little lean protein

Vitamins & Iron:
Iron, vitamin C and B complex vitamins are hugely helpful for energy levels.

Eat more often:
Grazers, those who eat small meals every few hours – have more energy and lose and maintain weight more easily.


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