Five Activities to Keep Your Family Fit

Give the gift of fitness to your family. The chances are the healthier they are, the healthier you are and that means you’ll be around long enough to see them through middle age and beyond. When families share physical activities they not only become more healthy, they strengthen family ties and create lasting memories. Here are five activities you can enjoy with your family.

1. Family Hikes – Consider the Old Abe State Trail. Located at the junction of Hwy S and Hwy O, the trail is flat and easy going. It’s a 19.5-mile abandoned railroad grade connecting two State Parks, from Chippewa Falls to Cornell, Wisconsin.

2. Indoor Climbing Gym – Head to Action City in Eau Claire, they have an indoor climbing wall that’s not as easy as it may look! If you’re up for a long drive or weekend adventure check out Adventure Rock in Pewaukee, WI.

3. Competition and Charity Events – Pure Water Days Races vary in distance and can be a fun, friendly competition for the whole family. You can also check the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce website for activities and events the whole family can get involved in.

4. Disc Golf – The Chippewa Falls Middle School has a disc golf course as does Mount Simon Park, Northstar Middle School, the UWEC campus as well as Tower Ridge all in Eau Claire.

5. Yard Games – Step away from electronics for the afternoon. We are all kids at heart and can enjoy and benefit from some good ole’ fashioned yard games. No matter what game you play or invent your kids will love creating outdoor memories.


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